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Welcome to {whitespace}quiet!

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my design. It is a fixed 1024x768 template, simple yet useful. It is XHTML 1.0 Transitional validated. I hope this template can be of use to anybody! Well, here is whitespacequiet for you to use. It started out as an experiment I wanted to do with the repeating top background. Then, I figured I'd use it (becuase it looked pretty cool) and after a few hours and coffees, it turned into this. This is my second design that I've made to be released to the public, and I am surprised that I've learned this much CSS and web design in 5 days. (Thanks, CSS Web Design for Dummies!)

About Me

You might be bored about me telling about myself, but my name is Shuai King and I run Quivira Media DPC, a cluster of (usually open-source) projects I run under the network. I like to do webdesign, play DDR, and do math. If you're still awake and not drooling on the desk from how boring that description was, I'll be happy to share with you some more information about this template.

More Information

This template uses CSS (of course.) You might want to watch out for: going too far with the menu; not making a 5px border on your logo.png image in color #D1D1D1 (well, it isn't needed, but makes it look more regulated); typing way too much onto one, non-breaking line; and be careful of the padding in accordance with the widths.
This design uses a content justification of Justify, to make it flush on both sides. It features a menu, logo place, sidebar, content, and a footer.
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XHTML 1.0 Transitional Validated. Hope you like this design! (Even) More Info.

Courtesy of Open Web Design & Hotels - Dubai



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